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Andrea Del Boca
All About Andrea Del Boca
    Andrea Del Boca. She is a wonderful songster, a beautiful woman, an incredible actress. Her soap-operas are loved through out the world. Her songs are sung anywhere where her telenovela was once played. She is always so different, so exciting, so mysterious... She is the one who makes us cry and laugh, be happy and sad, she makes her movies breath with some other, not known to us life.

She was born on October 18, 1965. At the age of three she starred in her first TV work, and since then telenovelas became her life. Her soap-operas are famous throughout the world: Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Israel, Russia and others... Her songs are loved, too. She has a wonderful voice. She had made some movies like "Habia una vez un circo", "Andrea", "Dias de llusion", "Cien veces no debo", "Funes un gran amor" and "Peperina".

Her telenovelas are always about love. Well, what else about can they be actually? Love is everything in our crazy world. The heroine of Andrea is always fighting for her love. She has to bare a lot, but at the end she will win. She is always very different though. Just have a look at "Antonella" and "Celeste". Antonella is so proud and strong and ready to fight when Celeste is afraid of Clara and so soft. Yes, Andrea Del Boca has a great talent of an actress.

Her Telenovellas list:
Below are written all of her telenovellas, the year of production and her heroine's name.

"Papa Corazon" (1973) Pinina.
"Pinina quiere a papa" (1975) Pinina.
"Andrea Celeste" (1979) Celeste.
"Senorita Andrea" (1980) Andrea Soledad.
"Los cien dias de Ana" (1983) Ana.
"Estrellita mia" (1987) Estrellita.
"Celeste" (1991) Celeste.
"Antonella" (1992) Antonella.
"Celeste, siempre Celeste" (1993) Celeste/Clara.
"Perla negra" (1994) Perla.
"Zingara" (1995) Paloma/Civinka.
"Mia solo Mia" (1997) Mia.
"El Sodero De Mi Vida" (2001) Sofia.
most of her telenovellas already broadcasted in more than 25 different countries!

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