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Andrea Del Boca   

 Andrea del Boca - the best actress that was ever born on the Earth. Her talent is unbelievable and her acting is perfect and unforgettable. There is no actress in the world who can be compared to Andrea - she is always the best. Among the singers Andrea is also the best. Her voice is beautiful and every song sound great when she sings it. Because of her incredible talent Andrea has became very popular around the world. She started acting when she was very young , in Argentina. She started as actress in TV programs and telenovelas and soon she became one of the greatest stars in her country. With telenovelas like " Estrellita mia ", " Celeste ", " Antonella ", " Celeste siempre celeste ", " Perla negra ", " Zingara ", " Mia solo mia " she became popular in big number of countries all around the world and became an international star. Except telenovelas Andrea also played in a lot movies like " Cien veces no debo ", " Yo quiero gritar que ter amo ", " Peperina ", " Aparencias "... All those movies were very good. Her singing carrier was also very succesfull. She recorded three albums with a great number of beautifull songs. She was also a singer of music theme is most of her telenovelas.

     Like in many other countries Andrea is very popular in my country, Yugoslavia. We can say that she is huge star here. First time that we saw her was in October 2000, when channel TV Palma started showing her telenovela " Antonella "."Antonella" was shown at 18.00 o'clock and it was very succesfull. All people that I know watched it every day. Other channels were showing other telenovelas and shown in the same time when " Antonella " was on TV Palma but they were not popular, since everybody were watching only " Antonella ".

     At the begining of 2001 Andrea was already a star here in Yugoslavia. After only three months since the begining of " Antonella " Andrea became very popular here, more popular than all actresses from Hollywood. She became the idol of young people here in my country. All girls here wanted to look just as she looks. Her hearts became very wanted. Even her original way of dressing became very popular here, among the girls. But when I asked my friends what was the thing that they liked the most in Andrea del Boca, the answer was " her talent for commedy  ". Just one her smile from the screen and one joke that she said was enough that Andrea get thousands of fans in Yugoslavia.

     Because of the big popularity, telenovela " Antonella " was repeated. Now it is shown on TV Stankom at 21.15 o'clock. And it is even more popular that first time. Everybody wants to see the story about " Antonella " once more. We hope that the next telenovela, when " Antonella "  finishes, will be " El sodero de mi vida ", newest telenovela of Andy, in which her partner is Dady Brieva. All fans here are agree that it would be great to see Andrea in new telenovela as soon as possible. But there is one thing that is certain. The world will enjoy for a lot of years to come in beautifull actress and singer - ANDREA DEL BOCA.

Written by Acka Belacic

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