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Andrea Del Boca and Gustavo Bermudez in "Antonella"
    After her huge success in "El Sodero De Mi Vida" Andrea Del Boca continue with her talent to another level, well now, Raul Lecouna, the producer of "Perla Negra", "Celeste" and many more of her novelas, is going to work with Andrea again. Something new to see on ower screens, well sources says that maybe Lecouna is talking about Gustavo Bermudez to be one of the chracters in his new novela, the new telenovella called "The Teacher". Producted by Raul Lecouna, he brings us the most successful mate of telenovellas ever! once again, Andrea & Gustavo are going to brack all the ratings in all the charts. Gustavo and Andrea already worked together in several telenovellas and movies like: "Antonella" (1993), "Celeste" (1991) "Celeste siempre celeste" (1993-4), "Quiero gritar que te amo" (1989).
Andrea Del Boca and Gustavo Bermudez in "Celeste siempre celeste"
After "Planet Andrea Del Boca" website published this announcement many people got crazy about the idea the 2 artists will preforme together again. Untill today Andrea & Gustavo are touching the top charts in every single poll in the world as the most successful couple in telenovellas of all
times. for now we are waiting to see Gustavo's answer for this novela... it can be that he will refuse working with Andrea again...
I guess we still have something to look for after all...
New information came to our ear, that Gustavo is not going to do the novela with Andrea.


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