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Andrea Del Boca                VS.                 Yair Dori
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   Many Israelies probably are wondering why Andrea Del Boca is mostly off the Israeli screen?
Well, our team went to check why, and they reavil an EXCLUSIVE information about an old secret.
In 1994 Andrea first came to Israel to shoot her telenovela called "Perla Negra", in the meantime in Israel were broadcast "Antonella". Andrea arrived Israel and she couldn't even wolk free in the streets, fans were all over the place and she amaized that someone ever know her outside Argentina. Andrea sang the song "Para este amor" (theme from "Antonella") and many people got curios about her singing career. Yair Dori, Israeli man who brought telenovellas that time (untill today, he is the owner of "Viva" channel - Israeli telenovellas channel), he asked from Andrea to come in 1995 and make a tour in Israel. Andrea for sure agree to it. But after we got deep to the issue we dicovered Yair Dori asked Andrea to preforme for FREE. Andrea re-considered it and refuse to do it for free. Yair Dori took it as an insult. Since then, Yair Dori don't like to broadcast her novelas on the Israeli screens. In 1999 Andrea came to Israel for her second time and this time she came with her mom and dad. The Israeli tourist department invited Andrea to do a cammercial for Israel in the South America states. Yair Dori was really dissapointed by the fact that she came to Israel again without telling him about it, and again he took it as an insult.
We recommend you dear Yair Dori, to take ir all easy and move on, nobody owe you nothing and you are not the King of the world. so do yourself a favor and stop blaming everyone by not broadcast Andrea's novellas, your fights it's your own problem, do not blame your country.
 Written by: Thomasito



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